Information in unison, not in parallel

The rationale for small and medium sized businesses to embrace digital transformation has never been stronger. At its centre, a seamless information backbone – information no longer hidden in parallel, disconnected siloes but securely distributed throughout your organisation.

The information backbone, combined with powerful productivity tools and integrated applications, simplifies it all. Connect with clients, colleagues and counterparts from any device, build stronger relationships and successfully collaborate on key tasks and objectives.

We help you define your vision

Hostcloudz - Salesforce consulting partners in Switzerland

Hostcloudz can help transform the way you access and deliver information and communicate, internally and externally.

It starts with a needs assessment. What are the critical tactical and strategic challenges and opportunities for your business and markets?

Together we arrive at a vision of how you can be supported with better information management and communications. From this starting point we work with you in defining key requirements for your information backbone.

…and then build it

From the initial consultative stage we focus on the practical delivery of a solution. Hostcloudz works with a range of technologies, with the core component being the platform. The adoption of a cloud solution will eliminate or reduce your dependance on stand alone systems, eliminate expensive additional IT infrastructure , allow faster deployment of any new applications and ensure full mobility.

Hostcloudz - Salesforce consulting partners in Switzerland

Customized to serve your needs

We work closely with you to implement a robust, reliable, world-class  solution that addresses your business needs now and into the future.

As a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner, Hostcloudz works with you at every stage in the process before during and after implementation. We can deliver the complete project, or contract to complete specific tasks, including advisory consulting, custom application development training and support.

Hostcloudz are based in the UK, but have clients globally – thanks to the cloud.

Cogs in the business

Buiding an Information Backbone


Design & Development

The consultative stage includes research & analysis  and concludes with  recommendations and project goals. We have experience of developing sopiticated systems including full cycle development and integration of web, CRM and mobile applications.  We have a flexible iterative approach to project management with a focus  on time and budget.


Integration and configuration of your project are crucially important. We manage the full integration of any external systems and data, including the import of spreadsheet or “hard-copy” based data, and setting up of a centralised document library. Links to your web site, email systems and other third party data sources can be engineered.

Training & Support

We work hard to maximise user acceptance. It is critical to ensuring that you see a real return on your investment. On site, online, classroom and bespoke video training adapted to your own needs and budget.  We provide a range of post-project support options. System Administration outsourcing, User Adoption programs and scheduled Health Checks.

Take a glimpse at Salesforce

The recognised pioneer and global leader of Software as a Service (SaaS), Salesforce ensures that you no longer have to worry about on-site maintenance, software upgrade work,  hiring specialist IT skills or indeed finding the capital to invest in up-front software purchases.  The pay-as-you-go service model allows you to control costs and adjust usage based on your needs. Click below to check out some  introductory videos

The Sales Cloud

It puts everything you need to build your business at your fingertips—available anywhere. It provides easier collaboration across your  organization and getting deals done faster .

The App Cloud

It allows complete customisation of an application that will deliver precisely what your business needs, at your fingertips and available anywhere.

About us

Hostcloudz is a young firm built on more than 70 years of consulting and product development experience on the platform . We specialise in delivering cloud based solutions for small & medium sized businesses, with significant domain expertise in the Financial Services,  Fintech and Healthcare industries.

We are passionate about the importance of the Information Backbone in organisations. We offer a range of services and partner products that together  ensure that the requirements of our clients are exceeded. We are a multi-functional team, with skills and experience that include IT, web development, salesforce development and integration.

How can Hostcloudz help you?

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